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About Us
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There really is no "us" in reference to this site.( at least not yet anyway) Education resources and B & B marketing are both the creations of one woman, me, Sharon Early aka around the web as "shaydofthedesert". This website was built and launched December 2006. Education Resources is here for the purpose of disseminating information about the wide range of options and opportunities that abound on the 'net for people who want to learn more to earn more, but who also may not be able to afford to quit their current job to devote their attention to school . Distance learning over the internet has brought the concept of correspondence courses into the digital age, it has also created a way hich people,who never thought that they could go back to school and earn their degree from an accredited institution. Student loans and grants often serve to cover the entire up front expenses for tuition and materials. Take a look at some of the programs offered on this site. Click on any links that interest you and take a good look at what these schools have to offer. The future can be brighter than you ever thought possible once you have earned a college degree!

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Hello out there! My name is Shay. I am a 32 year old mother of four living in beautiful sunny Southern California. I am currently enrolled in Axia College of the University of Phoenix online. I am also an experienced and relentless researcher and I started this site because I wanted to provide a place for other like minded people to find online resourses for the pursuit of their continuing education. I have searched out sites and links for college catalogues, college grants and scholarships (some of which allow high school students to compete for the awards.), and even NCAA college sports gear. So feel free to use the links and even refer friends to this site.
                                                                      Thank you,
                                                                       S.M. Early
                                                                       B & B Marketing

Our Business Philosophy
     The philosophy of B & B marketing and internet services is that anyone can learn. Many people, lupon completing their formal educations, are not able to find a feasible way in which to attend college and support themselves once they finish high school (and those who may not have completed their high school diploma requirements). The lack of that essential college education can impact the rest of a persons life. Lower income earning potential, menial labor jobs, no prospects of landing a job with good advancment opportunities, low income and little hope of improving their future.
     In creating this site I not only became a researcher and promoter for online education, I am also a student online, enrolled in Axia College of the University of Phoenix online. I am  advising others to do the same, enroll in distance education courses and complete a degree program while continuing to meet the needs of your current life, i.e. work and family or spouses. Going back to school is a "no brainer" for people who want to launch themselves into a career rather than just looking for another job. You can do it, if you want it badly enough!

Our Company

Ms. S.M. Early-webmistress
owner B & B marketing

This is where you can learn about our company and its history. We have been interested in starting our own business for many years and are excited to finally have reached that goal. Taking our business to the web makes the process even more exciting.