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NETPROFITABILITY - ability to profit from the net!



Ability to profit on the ‘net


There are a lot of people who are trying to find a way to produce an income online. There are also a lot of programs out there that claim that they will help you to do this. Yet 99% of all online network marketers fail to produce a significant income, why? Because they lack the skills and the tools to produce a profit online! What tools am I talking about?


  • A huge downline of “hungry” subscribers who have made money taking your advice and who are willing to follow you into your next program!


  • The skills to successfully market their opportunity and get the traffic that they need to be successful with an online opportunity.


  • The interpersonal skills to keep your prospects and your down line members excited about the opportunity and build personal relationships with these people so that they feel like they know you.


  • The knowledge needed to network all of the above things together to create a sustainable and growing income on the internet.


  • The mentorship to create and build the skills needed to make a profit online



A lot of those 99% failures are sabotaged by their own sponsors because when they quite the sponsor takes over the members in their down lines! A large number of people are foliled before they even begin because they can’t read HTML well enough to realize that they have to insert their personal referral code into the banner codes that they are given before they go posting them all over the net. There are numerous people who fail to overcome their social anxiety problems which makes relationship marketing and calling prospects difficult at best for them, because they are lacking vital communication skills. The bottom line is that as long as you believe in a product and you put your creativity, and the skills that you do posses toward making or growing your online income, you can make a profit from just about any program on the internet! You must believe in the opportunity and the product that you are marketing and you must believe in yourself those are the only two requirements. Everything else comes from your personal attributes skills, and talents. You must see the opportunity, find what it is that fires peoples interest about either the products or services that are offered by the company you represent, and then craft your marketing plan around the type of person you are looking for, and what your opportunity c an do for them!


I have worked in telemarketing and internet marketing off and on for more than 12 years. So I do possess the necessary skills to market and promote just about anything. And I am offering you these skills free of charge here and I am also ASKING FOR NOTHING IN RETURN! All I want is for your to succeed in your chosen program and to let us know about your success and your program! Share what is working for you and what did not. Tell us about the process of enrolling and marketing your opportunity. Interact with other online marketers like yourself for help and guidance. Build your online business like you never have before with me. Here on netprofitability.

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